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Glasgow based digital artist graduating in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2022.


My work has a diaristic narrative, conveying differences within Glasgow’s clubs in a revealing candor. Through digital documentation and writeups of nights out, I become a participant observer, investigating what club culture means to me and where I sit comfortably within it – a question of identity. I use a mixed method approach to solidify my findings in this ethnographic study, using both qualitative and quantitative research. This is a study of those who live by night.

I focus on subjects such as; purpose, appearance, intoxication, music, dance, identity, state of mind and door policy. These are all variables that I believe make up a club culture. I investigate these cultures per night club, but too more broadly within the city. I have found two general club cultures to exist in Glasgow. I question whether clubbing is an activity of leisure and recreation, and investigate the impact that age and experience has on this too. My images depict interesting character demeanours dealing with these variables. This is exaggerated in a somewhat grotesque manner through movement to further said concerns. I work with long exposures, layers and careful compositions to achieve this. Images can be hard to look at, revealing ghosts the longer you stare.

Predominantly my practice is digital, working with experimental photography and film, however it expands broadly into fine art, using other mediums such as screen printing. I have interests in the impact that light can have on inks within printing, working with ultra violet, infrared and coloured light sources.

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